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Open Education Centralia College: Our Initiative - Updates

Basic information on open educational resources, repositories, and current projects.

Upcoming Events

Winter Quarter 2016

  • Open Access Drop-in Event - March 9th
  • Open Education/Innovation Gala - March 7-9
  • Open Education Librarian Professional Development Event

Past Events

Fall Quarter 2015

  • Open Education Faculty Workshop

Spring Quarter 2015

  • Copyright Workshop! 

Winter Quarter 2015

  • Open Repository - Call for proposals - Winter faculty meeting
  • Open Repository Planning Meeting
  • Canvas Commons Beta Testing
  • March Faculty OER Workshops

Fall Quarter 2014

  • Open Eduction LibGuide Launch - Fall faculty meeting

Project Updates

Faculty Open Education Awareness Survey


The purpose of the Open Education Awareness Survey was to gauge Centralia College faculty awareness of licensing options and materials available with Open Education Resources.


Researchers interested in exploring faculty awareness of Open Education have struggled with gauging awareness without providing "leading questions" (Babson, 2014). We used the Babson survey (2014) to build our research mechanism for Centralia College. The Babson survey combined previously used questions in their surveys; the researchers felt that combining a basic definition of OER and then immediately asking for specific examples without prompts provides an adequate initial representation of faculty awareness of OER.