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Physical Fitness Concepts: Evaluating Health and Fitness Resources

This LibGuide supports the Physical Fitness Concepts course which is a combination of theory and practice in the development of physical fitness.

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Evaluation of Health and Fitness Resources

"Many online health resources are useful, but others may present information that is inaccurate or misleading, so it’s important to find sources you can trust and to know how to evaluate their content. This guide (click link below) provides help for finding reliable Web sites and outlines things to consider in evaluating health information from Web sites and social media sources."

Evaluating Sensing Technology and Apps

One of the newest trends in fitness is the use of sensing technology with mobile applications (apps) or devices. 

Last January, TechCrunch gave a roll-up on what was available:


A few months ago the New York Times did a great special over comparing these devices:


While this is new technology - there are some scholars who have begun to weigh in on the issue. Below is a great TEDtalk over recording health data. "

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