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ENGL 101 English Composition I: Other Resources

Interlibrary Loan Request

If you have determined that the item you are looking for is not available through either Kirk Library or Timberland Regional Library, it may be possible for us to obtain the item from another library via inter-library loan (ILL). Please use the form below to initiate an ILL request. Before doing so, please review the information about the ILL service included on the form:

Online Writing Lab

Centralia College Online Writing Lab

   Lots of resources to help you with writing

Centralia College Writing Center

   CC Writing Center

    Located in Kemp 105, the Writing Center will have tutors available to help with college writing at any phase of the writing process. Check their webpage for their current open hours.


Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia on the web. Wikipedia is great for looking up quick facts or getting a general summary/overview of a topic; however, it should never be used as a source in a research paper. Because it is open-source, virtually anyone can edit pages, increasing the likelihood that misinformation - intentional or not - will occur. For research papers you need authoritative resources.

Wikipedia is particularly problematic regarding social and political issues. Because people's passions and opinions run deep, Wikipedia articles on controversial topics like Wal-Mart are "flamed," or changed so often that they are locked down. Be particularly aware of the orange "warning bars," which indicate that the information does not meet quality standards.

How can you use Wikipedia in a way that benefits your research process? 1) Get terms you can use as keywords for further searching; 2) The references and Web links listed at the end of each article can lead you to excellent books, articles, and websites.


Using Wikipedia for Academic Research