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Learn English: Listening

English as a Second Language Guide

Audio Books


The Centralia Timberland Library has a large collection of children's and adult books available on CDs and in their online OverDrive Download Collection. Many of the books in the online collection can be downloaded to a mobile device. You will need a Timberland Library card to check out and use these materials.

(Some of the children's CDs include the book, so that you can listen and follow along in the book at the same time.)


The Kirk Library has hundreds of DVDs, including many entertainment films (movies), that you can borrow. The more listening to English you can do, the better.

Listen, watch, and learn English

Find Online Videos

Kirk Library has an online video database known as Films On Demand (see icon and description below). You can watch these videos from any device that has internet access (e.g. computer, laptop, ipad, iphone or other smart phone, ipod, etc.).

NOTE: If you are off campus you will need to validate that you are a CC student.  You will need to enter your last name in capital letters (for example, SMITH) and your student number (for example, 910xxxxxx).



Films on Demand logoA web-based digital delivery service that allows viewing of streaming videos from Films Media Group. Includes thousands of educational titles in humanities and social sciences, business and economics, science and math, health and medicine. Transcripts are available for more than half of the videos, allowing you to view the full text of the video and follow along as the video plays. There is also a Google Translate feature available for the text, which is perfect for foreign language learners.


Text-to Speech Option for Magazine & Journal Articles

EBSCOhost databases (such as Academic Search Premier) offer text-to-speech options for articles available in HTML format:

Click Play in the Listen toolbar

Listening Websites

English Listening
Listen to real people speakigng real English.  Choose a topic and English level that is good for you

ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Listen to everyday conversations and take a quiz to test your listening skills

Learn English naturally by listening to speakers from all over the world

English Club Listening
Practice English dictation (writing while listening) and hear news broadcasts and radio programs

This I Believe
Hear real-life people read short essays about their most important values in life

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