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ENGL 101-Civil Disobedience-Weil: Use Periodical Databases to Find Articles

This guide will help you with your Case Summary assignment


A periodical is any publication that is issued on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

Periodicals include:

  • Scholarly/Research Journals - Publications aimed at professionals or researchers in a particular field, containing in-depth articles and reports of original research
  • Magazines - Popular publications usually containing advertising, sold by subscription or on a newsstand, and aimed at the general public
  • Newspapers - Current news, ususally published daily, weekly, monthly or on some other cycle
  • Trade and Industry publications - Published for practioners in applied fields

How do I search the databases from home?

Students can access the library's databases from home or anywhere off-campus.  When you click on the link for a database you will be asked to submit:

1) Your last name in capital letters

2) Your student ID number

Start searching! 

A to Z Database List

Full list of databases the library subscribes to, including trial access.
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How do I Search Databases for this Assignment?


Periodical databases give online access to articles published in a variety of periodicals. Many databases specialize in a particular field of study, such as nursing, while others cover a wide range of topics. These databases are searchable by multiple access points: keywords, subject, title of article, author, etc.

Search examples for Academic Search Premier: "civil disobedience"; "civil disobedience and environment"; demonstrations; "protest movements"; "Occupy Wall Street"; "Montgomery bus boycott"

Search examples for ProQuest: "civil disobedience"; "civil disobedience" and "nuclear weapons"; "demonstrations and protests"; nonviolence; Daniel Berrigan 



General Databases

These periodical databases cover all subjects:

Subject-specific Databases

Below is a sample of our databases devoted to a particular area or subject field. The last two are recommended for your civil disobedience assignment.