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Open Education Readings for February 2019

by Ryer Banta on 2019-02-27T16:21:00-08:00 | Comments

Catch up on some recent news from the world of open education.

Looking for some open pedagogy inspiration? This article from University of Buffalo News will remind you why this approach is often so powerful. Students find empowerment in creating their own textbook. This news story highlights the inspiration and empowerment that students feel when teachers use open pedagogy methods to involve students in creating learning materials for themselves and future classes.

Another great article popped up just today on Inside Higher Ed Opinion: Today's Context Demands Use of OER by Jonathan Poritz. This article "argues that lowering students' costs by using open educational resources isn't just a nicety in an era when many students are hungry and textbook "quality" is exaggerated." Although an opinion piece, this article clearly identifies how OER benefits students and why it's so critical for the context of our students' lives.


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