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Chemical Dependency

LibGuide for students attending classes related to Chemical Dependency and Abuse (ie CDP 100A)

State of Washington References

The Chemical Dependency Professional

This guide is intended to be a starting point for those currently taking courses or interested in careers focused on Chemical Dependency and Abuse.

Our Program's Purpose:  Chemical Dependency is for students interested in focusing their studies on Chemical Dependency rehabilitation.  This program prepares the student for work as a Chemical Dependency counselor in various settings from detoxification units to residential treatment programs. Students will fulfill the education requirements for certification as Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee through the Department of Health (DOH).  Students take classes that directly fulfill Washington Administrative Code (WAC) requirements toward acquiring the Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) certification.



There are many independent services and researchers that offer perspectives and inforgraphics:

Intervention 911 is an independent company dedicated to providing pay-for-service intervention training, but also offer free informational graphics.

Drug Abuse In America


Brene Brown is a social worker that provides a perspective on "vulnerability" as a part of counseling:

Elizabeth Pisani offers perspectives of retionality in drug use in the TED talk below. She is an epidimiologist dedicated to exploring HIV.

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