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Technology Tips

Wifi Hotspots

Wifi hotspot device This HotSpot is an easy-to-use, mobile hotspot that keeps your tablet, laptop and other Wi-Fi–enabled devices connected to the Internet in areas with cell phone coverage, but no Internet. Kirk Library has hotspots for users living in areas with Verizon service and other devices for those living in areas served by US Cellular.

System Requirements

Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS 10.5 or higher, and USB port: Type A, v2.0 or higher

Quick Start

1. Connect HotSpot to your device via USB

2. Open the computer’s web browser, type http://my.usb or, then click Enter key

3. Designate the preferred connection method for your HotSpot

4. Select one of the following options: Auto-connect, Auto-connect, or Manual Connection

5. Click Save Changes

6. Click OK





Remove the Device from Your Computer


1. End your session by selecting Disconnect from the HotSpot window.

2. Exit and close the HotSpot window.

3. Gently grip the HotSpot on both sides and pull straight out to avoid damaging the USB connectors.

Mac OS X

1.  End your session by clicking Disconnect in the HotSpot window. 

2. Exit and close the HotSpot window.

3. Click the eject icon to the right of the HotSpot icon in the left column of the Finder window to eject the device.

4. Gently grip the HotSpot on both sides and pull straight out to avoid damaging the USB connectors.

Official Manual

Detailed Device Instruction from Verizon

Borrowing from Kirk Library

Library hotspots are currently available for students to borrow for the quarter. To borrow these hotspots, students must agree to the Technology Borrowing Policy, provide a photo ID, and sign the Technology Borrowing Agreement. Email to reserve one today

We have two types of hotspots, Verizon and US Cellular. The hotspots need to be within a provider coverage area to work. Check coverage with the following links:

Data Use and Collection

The HotSpot program is an opt-in service, and that the HotSpot service provider (Verizon or US Cellular) is not bound to the Library's patron privacy policies. We eliminate personally identifiable information from those records as soon as the items are returned and processed. During the loan Kirk Library maintains records of who has the HotSpots checked out. Kirk Library does not have access to or collect specific usage data. Additionally, we do not provide your information to the service provider. The only data about the HotSpot program that we collect is (a) the total amount of data transmitted and received by each device during a billing cycle, (b) anonymous circulation data related to checkouts of the hotspot devices and (c) data that patrons choose to submit to us anonymously via the feedback form.

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